Managed OCSP

On-line validation with superior performance and service levels.

Our lightweight OCSP solution, running in the cloud, creates a world class OCSP service at low cost.


Keep hold of your private keys. OCSP responses are still produced in your secure environment, but can now be served using public cloud infrastructure. Allows for the safe use of smaller, CA signed, OCSP responses.

Cost effective

Make savings on infrastructure expenditure. There is no need for expensive load balancers, arrays of high performance HSMs or excessive bandwidth requirements.


Choose from a number of options to enhance your OCSP service:
- Route 53 and EC2 for global reach.
- CDN accelerated
- Detailed usage reports

Fast & Scalable

Dramatically increase response times for OCSP validation checks. Improve the overall time taken for SSL handshakes to complete. Protect against DoS attacks - the OCSP signing engine is no longer directly accessible from the Internet.